Forget party hats, cake and streamers... This is not your usual tenth birthday party. Rhythm and Vines are celebrating the much anticipated ‘double digits’ by throwing yet another extravagant New Years party.

The picturesque Waiohika Estate will be transformed into a haven for music lovers of all ages. Line-up rumours have been kept under tight wraps, yet 15,000 tickets have already sold and are in the hot little hands of festival goers across the country and overseas.

Rhythm and Vines grew from a simple idea back in 2003 between a bunch of university mates. Ten years on it has grown to be quite the shindig. In the past two years R&V reached sold out status and it's looking like the 2012 celebrations will be no different.

The stages – big and small – are nestled in between the thousands of rows of grapevines and seem to somehow get bigger each year. The walk between stages is an experience in itself, and after a few drinks you’ll be loving the man-made mazes. The stalls are always vibrant and full of life, and with the introduction of teepees and glamping it looks like onsite camping will be a favourable option this year.

With the promise of a bigger and better Baywatch and Rhythm and Vines, excitement for the event is building a lot earlier then previous years. The line up is in the process of being finalised and is said to reflect the massive milestone the event has reached.

So, who will it be this year? That is the question on everyone’s minds. The vineyard has been graced with the presence of some mindboggling names over its ten years - Pendulum, Moby, Public Enemy, Netsky and Calvin Harris to name a few. With the rumours of Daft Punk circling late last year, we know that the R&V team are looking at the biggest names in the biz to celebrate their decade of existence.



As we sit around twiddling our thumbs and posting endless lists of our favourite artists to the R&V Facebook page, all we can really do is wait until August, when the line up is rumoured to be announced. I am sure the Rhythm and Vines team have something massive up their sleeves, so for now, polish up your party hats and start counting down the 190 days until R&V will be welcoming us all once again.

By Kate McRobie

Tickets still available from the MintTix Website.

Check out the latest from the R&V Team here http://behindthevines.co.nz/.






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