Whether you’re a virgin or no stranger to the burlesque scene, In Flagrante has a little something for everyone. Be prepared to throw everything you think you know about burlesque out the window.

Created by MaryJane O’Reilly, In Flagrante, which means “Caught in the Act”, is made up of a series of audacious short sketches that poke fun at common female stereotypes. It is a deviant but refreshing take on the burlesque genre, which will challenge and redefine what you think about female sexuality.

From parodies of bondage to exploring elements of fetish, this edgy but exquisite dance show is cabaret with a contemporary and raunchy twist. It is, as the tagline suggests, erotica for the thinking person.

Each piece is performed to the sexy and haunting songs from Austrian musician Waldeck’s album Ballroom Stories. The cast of highly trained dancers effortlessly command the stage and your attention, portraying many different characters and all with an appetite for leather, public nudity and horses.

With minimal costumes and some very suggestive choreography, the performances are no doubt intended to be provocative. However the show doesn’t take itself too seriously either, with much of the pieces having some aspect of satire too.

Each sketch flows seamlessly to the next and with each one you are drawn deeper into the girls’ dark and disturbing world. “Whip Solo” parodies the contradictions of being both the perfect wife and whore for your man while “Group Bondage” presents the sexual fetish in a whole new light.

Then there is “Pikelet” and “Rosie the Riveter”, which were more narration than dance, and provided a hilariously sexualized step-by-step guide to everyday tasks. I will never look at a flour sifter the same way again.

In Flagrante is sexy, risqué, sometimes confronting and just bloody entertaining. It encourages us to celebrate and find the humour in what is usually viewed as taboo. So indulge for the night; your inner naughty side will thank you for it.

By Faith-Ashleigh Wong




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