Hollie Smith: Sexy and smouldering

There are some people that are just destined to do one thing in this world. Hollie Smith clearly has been handed a gift from the music gods. Boy can she sing!

Her voice is simply stunning – sexy and smouldering, with a touch of mystery that makes you want to keep listening. The delivery of each song is perfect, and her vocal control and musical intuition will have you both impressed and captivated.

I must admit, I had not heard of her music before this and I know now that I have been missing out! Granted her style of music is very much what I love and enjoy – soul with a bit of pop, and some strong blues and jazz influences.

Her kind of music is the perfect thing to unwind to mid-week, and I could not think of a more suitable place to do so than within the cosy and intimate confines of the Whiskey in Ponsonby.

Her songs are dreamy with heartfelt lyrics yet her presence on stage is just electric; she commands your attention from the word go. This is done in with a personal touch and you can’t help but forge an instant connection with her – each performance feels like a song between friends.

What I loved most about her performance was the way in which she completely embodies each song that she sings – I’ve found this is a common trademark with singer-songwriters. They have a very personal connection with their craft.

If you are after music that is refreshing, warming and just bloody good, look no further than Hollie Smith. Even if soul and jazz is not really your thing, you should still go to witness the mad guitar skills of her right-hand man!

By Faith-Ashleigh Wong

Check Hollie Smith on her website.

And listen to her on her MySpace.





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