Our triple mission is to make everyone's life more fun, be your one-stop for going out and support our local performers and artists.

We fossick and find, we share and we show the what’s on with the who’s who - from events, to entertainers, artists to industry whizz kids.

We are all about the people. We showcase entertainment businesses through social and digital media, and give everyone the chance to experience what’s on.

You’ll find with us awesome giveaways, reviews and entertainment news, event photos, artist interviews and great prices for going out.

Stalk us on Facebook to get your social media feed plus register for weekend picks and the schneaky schneak previews of giveaways and releases.


We live, breathe and even eat this stuff. We talk social and connect the dots between great entertainment and people who want to (or NEED to) hear about it.

If it's great entertainment, we will find it, snap it, maybe shoot it and definitely share it. We are the peeps behind entertainment social media and love to play with all the social media toys.


We help artists, promoters and businesses harness the Internet, and all its social media glory. We spread the word about what they do – be it hip bars, cool restaurants, great clubs or heli-skiing. We ain’t no haters, so if it’s entertainment then we love it.

And rather than charge an arm and a leg, we offer a new way for businesses (big or small) - to share their wares: Without high upfront costs and to a rather massive audience.

We aim for everything we do to be entertaining: From the events we promote to the ways we promote it. So, let's have fun promoting fun!

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