EntertainMe is run by a bunch of Gen X Y & Z individuals who love to find adventure, sensual delights and hot spots around the city and beyond.

After a fine tooth combing of all things fun – EntertainMe was formed, deciding this knowledge should be shared - like news of a brilliant discovery - with the greater public.

As a matter of civic duty, EntertainMe is here to spread the word on the good times out there & where to find it, with a discerning ear to the ground.

You may be somebody who loves the combo of a great event with a killer deal.

You may be a ringleader who organizes a spontaneous mission with your mates, or a romantic seduced by the deal with a rose in its mouth.

Everyone loves a deal. It's our job to find them for you, the diamond in the rough, the ace in the pack, the nap with the sack.

In the infamous words of Kurt Cobain, "Here we are now entertain us"

You won't be "stupid" - but it is "contagious" - the steady diet of infotainment and promotional deals available for all your worldly desires on EntertainMe.

A one-stop-entertainment hub for cool restaurants, hip bars, showbiz to bridge jumping... damn near anything that you stamp on the forehead with a 'That's Entertainment' sticker.  

EntertainMe will keep you in the loop with what's happening around the nation, with gig guides and event planners, alongside our killer deals.

It's our aim to live up to our name, posting hot news and hot deals, littered with nuggets of pop culture trivia and technicolour nostalgia.

Let's have fun promoting fun!

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